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Leadership Team

  • little known fact: I'm a big music fan; I've been playing guitar for over 50 years and I have a collection of guitars. I also love to play bocce!

    David Meyers

    - President
    At first, I figured that creating a wholesale channel for purchasing controls products would help my contracting business. But as has grown into my sole business focus, it's become much more. Every day, we try to perfect the supply chain for the controls industry through the use of state-of-the-art purchasing and accounting tools, and the very best in customer-focused service. That's exciting for me personally because I've been able to create a work environment where everyone is challenged and motivated to give our customers the very best experience in buying building controls products online.
  • little known fact: I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with four years of electrical engineering, a PE license and a passion for horseshoes.

    Ken Siefert

    - Vice President & Director of eBusiness Systems
    Every day presents a new opportunity to help our clients find the right products in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Our team is constantly working on new innovations to improve our clients' purchasing experience — and we're leading the HVAC industry and revolutionizing the way products are purchased. Many of these ideas come from our users, and it is very rewarding to be able to deliver on those requests.
  • My grandkids Isabella (2) and Braden (4 months), at their new home in Switzerland.
    My wife Cindy and me at Idlewild Park in Ligonier, PA, in the summer of 2021 with our grandkids.
    The whole Olson Family — summer 2021.
    little known fact: I spent the better part of 25 years in the automotive aftermarket, selling motor oil and filters, wiper blades, and even air fresheners to the largest retailers across North America.

    Barry Olson

    - Vice President Sales & Service
    I thrive on getting out of the office and into the field where I can give personalized attention to our customers across the country, introducing them to the unique solutions and innovations we've brought to their controls purchasing process. Nobody does what we can do, and I'm excited to offer value and efficiency to our website's new users.
  • Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. Sunday Morning.
    This is my home recording studio.
    My answer to the question, "Who are you?"
    little known fact: I have lived in six different countries.

    Eddie Johnson

    - Vice President Vendor Development
    Every day I interact with strategic partners, preferred suppliers, and tactical vendors. Typically companies that fall into the first two categories understand our unique business model and how to leverage it to deliver benefit to our mutual customers and therefore to their own company.
  • My daughters Amanda, Tiffany, Hannah, and Ava.
    My fiancée Carolyn with me on the water — our favorite place.
    Me with my daughters Ava and Hannah along with my son-in-law Johnny Champagne.
    Hiking in Maine with Carolyn and my ever-present Nikon.
    Tidal Flow at the beach with the Boiler flag flying high!
    Some days we get lucky — Gag Grouper for dinner!
    From the Gulf to the frying pan!
    little known fact: I have an OUPV Coast Guard Captain's license and am rated to operate up to 100-ton vessels out to 100 miles offshore.

    Paul Wickberg

    - Vice President Business Development
    For years, has been perfecting the most streamlined process for procurement of technical products, mostly focusing on the built environment and helping their customers make buildings more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. I first met Dave and Ken eight years ago when I was the president of American Auto-Matrix. They helped us create on their platform. With my 30 years of experience in the HVAC and refrigeration controls and software business, it was immediately apparent they had something special. We became one of the first customers and controls suppliers to use the eParts Services platform, the engine running This drove our online storefront which provided tremendous benefits to our integrator channel and allowed us to focus more on serving customers and innovating vs. back office operations. Since meeting the alpscontrols team eight years ago, I have always said, "That's a place where I could work." Now I am here helping our customers and our business grow and become better at everything we do.
  • Me in new matching hoodies with my daughter Emily, 11, and son Jacob, 9.
    Here I am enjoying some golf in my free time.
    little known fact: I enjoy many hobbies such as CrossFit, golf, and running — but most of all in my free time I enjoy coaching my kids.

    Josh Felperin

    - Global Sales Director
    Valves | Actuators
    My experience in the building automation industry has taught me to make customers my priority: when they win more projects, we win together. Strong partnerships are built on valuable communication, mutual trust, and a passion for success.
  • Ben and I have been married for 10 years. We enjoy hosting Happy Hour at our home with friends and neighbors.
    Ben and I have two kids, Avery (7) and George (5). We love spending weekends at our family camp in Benezette, PA.
    little known fact: I grew up on a dairy farm raising chickens and Jersey cows.

    Chrissy Leidy

    - Executive Assistant
    Keeping our executive team on track with their complicated mixture of schedules, travel, meetings, and responsibilities means that I can help them maximize the time they spend creating new solutions and innovations for our customers.

Technical Support & Customer Service

  • I am one of about 300 people who has never missed a Pittsburgh Marathon race weekend since they reintroduced it in 2008. Here I am with my race shirts and finisher medals.
    My wife and I are attempting to take our kids to all of the National Parks/Monuments and all 50 states before they leave for college. Here I am at Glacier National Park in 2020.
    My wife Jessica and me, with our kids Felicity and Caleb at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2018.
    Also in 2018, here we are at Shenandoah National Park.
    In 2017 we visited Yellowstone National Park.
    And in 2016 our family visited the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
    little known fact: I am an avid traveler and a National Park aficionado. I have visited 49 of the 50 United States and have visited 20 of the 63 National Parks/Monuments.

    Ernie Larson

    - Customer Service Supervisor
    At, I'm developing new technical knowledge on a daily basis. I have also developed wonderful working and personal relationships with co-workers, countless customers and nearly all of our vendors and manufacturers.
  • My husband Tony and me at our wedding — June 20, 2009 — with our blended family.
    Tony and me more recently in 2019.
    My daughter Taylor's college graduation in 2017 with my mom MiMi, who passed away in November 2019.
    My son-in-law Justin, in 2018 while in Iraq — we sent him cookies from Pittsburgh's Nancy B's Bakery!
    My daughter Taylor and her horse Never Done Dreamin'.
    My niece and her husband with my two favorite boys Charlie (4) and Teddy (1).
    My step-daughter Jessica, son-in-law Justin, and my granddaughter Annabelle.
    My two boys Toby and Nash.
    little known fact: I have four cats, two dogs, a horse. I have been told if I get another animal I have to get rid of the oldest one!

    Shirley Anthony

    - Customer Service/Returns
    Nothing gives me more satisfaction than being able to help a customer, in every way, from start to finish. Our job here is to work with our customers and give them the ability to find the products they need on our website and guide them through the ordering process — and encourage them to come back again and again!
  • little known fact: I am passionate about all veterans causes and I work with local veteran non-profit organizations, donating my time and resources to ensure that their transition back to civilian life goes as smoothly as possible.

    Tracey Aronson

    - Customer Service
    With so much experience in customer service, I feel as though helping people is in my DNA. It's truly satisfying to help ensure our customers' satisfaction, and to provide them with better, more efficient, and more cost effective ways to get their jobs done.
  • little known fact: My movie theater snack of choice are jumbo garlic cinnamon pretzels.

    Matt Horton

    - Customer Service
    We like to make sure our customers' experience on is as smooth and efficient as it can be. I'm dedicated to delivering clear, proficient communication in support of our products, treating our customers exactly how we'd want to be treated.
  • My wife Emily and I met in 2005 on move-in day at Penn State Behrend. We got married In 2013 (yes, she patiently waited 8 years).
    Emily and I both enjoy fishing. I may have tought her how to fish, but typically she catches more fish than I do when we go out.
    Emily and I love traveling; this is from our recent Hawaii trip (I bet you wish you could have such a sweet hat).
    Another picture from Emily and my Hawaii trip — and that is not a blue filter; we were actually 120 feet below the ocean's surface in a submarine!
    Our son Clayton was born in 2019. He is center of my universe and the cutest human ever. Here he is already shifting a three on the tree in a 70s F100!
    Here is one of our favorite family photos. Trying to convince a two-year-old to smile on command is difficult, so we consider this close enough.
    I have ridden dirt bikes my entire life, having always owned one from a very early age. Clayton LOVES daddy's dirt bike; we have taken several rides together and he even helps with maintenance!
    little known fact: I don't really like or watch sports, but in high school I was a very good pole vaulter.

    Matt Hummel

    - Technical Support Specialist
    My background is in all things mechanical, so I'm in a unique position where I can help our customers figure out the right part for the right application, every time. Working closely with them to understand their projects, I can quickly get them the answers they need.
  • little known fact: I am a huge fan of all music — especially 60s and 70s rock — and I'm really proud of my vinyl record collection.

    Braden Larson

    - Customer Service
    With all of the amazing innovations that has brought to HVAC supply chain management, it's easy to be passionate about providing customer service! Every time my phone rings or live chat comes on, I look forward to delivering a solution that is both knowledgeable and personalized.
  • I hold an Amateur Extra Class FCC License and I'm a Registered Licensing Instructor and Volunteer Examiner for the Amateur Radio Relay League. I help prepare and license people for emergency communications in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.
    little known fact: I am a published photographer and I have also worked on four major motion pictures and over 15 television productions.

    Curtis McCormick

    - Technology Director & Technical Support
    I had the opportunity to work for an Automated Logic dealer for 13 years prior to starting at That experience has given me an understanding of our industry and the products that our customers need from a truly real-world standpoint.
  • Me and my beautiful wife Sarah.
    I love to golf — and I got a hole in one in 2020.
    Sarah and I both love to travel; this is us on our honeymoon in Florence.
    Sarah and I started building our first home in 2021.
    little known fact: I was once the youngest employee at, shipping panel relays out of my parents' garage at age 13.

    Addison Meyers

    - Product Manager
    Valves | Dampers | Actuators | Flow
    Having a wide choice of valves, dampers, actuators, and flow meters can make buying the optimum device time consuming. I make it faster and easier for our customers to select and purchase the exact product they need.
  • This is my wife Sarah, Hamilton (son), me, and Mack (son) at Ohiopyle State Park.
    This 2019 wedding day picture of Sarah and me was taken mere seconds before the penguin pooped on the table, but I still got to pet it.
    little known fact: I have a metal plate in my face.

    Joel Miller

    - Customer Service
    The harder we work, the easier we're able to make the lives of our customers and suppliers. My approach to service is to solve problems for our customers and ensure that they have all the information they need to make their jobs easier every day.
  • little known fact: Even though I am a health freak, I love potato chips — and anything orange-flavored!

    Brandon North

    - Customer Service
    In customer service, we're the first and last people you'll talk to if you need help purchasing parts online. Connecting with people is so important, so I'm passionate about applying a customer-first, one-on-one support mentality to everything I do.
  • little known fact: I have been playing music since I was in 7th grade, and I can play pretty much any instrument someone hands me.

    Alan Pickrell

    - Customer Service
    My goal is to provide an innovative, unexpected solution every time a customer contacts me. As an outgoing and analytical person, I enjoy the challenge of handling service calls in a way that leaves our customers satisfied and confident that they got exactly what they wanted.
  • little known fact: I was in the Army reserves for 8 years, with a 15-month tour in Iraq.

    Jeremy Roberts

    - Customer Service
    I thrive on juggling lots of tasks at once, and helping others find what they need and be more productive. In the HVAC business, customer service is a top priority, and the great relationships that has formed with our customers and suppliers allow us to provide support on our products unlike anywhere else.
  • little known fact: I'm certified as a rescue scuba diver.

    Walter Scott

    - Customer Service
    I'm always thinking about what else I can do — how can I go above and beyond for our customers. And when I can find a solution that helps not just them, but also our suppliers and us, then everybody wins.

Accounting Support

  • little known fact: I love bike riding, logging a little over 2,000 miles every year riding the GAP trail for both pleasure and exercise.

    Robert Schugg

    - Controller
    With more than 25 years of accounting experience, I'm helping to create new, enterprise-wide procedures and efficiencies so that data can flow more easily for our customers, suppliers, and also our employees.
  • little known fact: Playing bruising games of Frisbee with my brother taught me how to become a pretty excellent Frisbee player!

    Pat Comfort

    - Accounting
    At, we are encouraged and empowered to go the extra mile for our customers at every opportunity. With my experience in both banking and retail, I can appreciate the value of timely and accurate invoicing, credit card processing and other financial transactions — not just from our standpoint, but from that of our customers as well. I like to think that a strong understanding of our customers' needs, combined with a personal touch, helps me ensure effective communications for our business partners. And I just love working with numbers!
  • little known fact: I once got to use a full-sized bulldozer to take out a tree on a property that was being cleared — and I can't wait to drive one again!

    Karen Goettel

    - Invoicing
    I love my job because I get to work alongside both our customers and manufacturers to reconcile what they're buying and selling. To me, each transaction is an opportunity to create "a perfect invoice" where I'm able to meet the needs of everyone involved. My ultimate goal is to ensure that our customers can achieve their accounting requirements knowing that our processes are fast, flexible and focused on helping them get their job done.
  • little known fact: My first job was playing the part of "Kenny Kangaroo" at Kennywood Park — and I did it for three summers!

    Dawn Hammell

    - Credit & Collections
    Our customers are the greatest! And while probably no one much likes the part of the transaction where you have to pay an invoice, I enjoy the challenge of working closely with our customers to find solutions to their specific circumstances. I'll do whatever I can to meet their needs and resolve their account issues in ways that are mutually beneficial.
  • little known fact: I'm short! I'm about 5' 3", but because I love high-heeled shoes so much — and I probably have over 50 pairs — I always seem taller than I am.

    Betty Horvwalt

    - Accounting Manager
    I am in the unique position of being able to help our customers become our customers for the first time when they set up their accounts. I've learned a lot about our business in my years at, and what has been most important to my job has been learning how to listen, use patience, and to work through any customer accounting issues that arise. I like to be able to tell our customers that I'll do whatever it takes to fix a problem myself — or to go find out the answer elsewhere if necessary.
  • little known fact: I have a bunch of scars on my arm — the result of my competitive nature having grown up as a twin!

    Ryan McCartney

    - Accounting Clerk
    Accounting is really about bringing order and organization to the processes that are critical to our customers, suppliers, and even my team members — which is great for me, because I do well in an environment where a lot of different people are depending on me!

Sales Support & Marketing

  • My wife Kory and me, finally enjoying our honeymoon in the Caribbean after going through our COVID wedding.
    On my annual snowboarding trip to Jackson Hole Resort in Wyoming, where my brother lives.
    Prepping for a long day of motorcycle riding in the Allegheny National Forest.
    Slowly improving my golf game over the years.
    little known fact: My goal is to visit every one of the 50 United States — I am more than halfway there! I love being outdoors riding motorcycles, fishing, golfing, hiking and snowboarding.

    Jason McCormick

    - Inside Sales Supervisor
    We've always been in the business of finding the best solutions, so every day I work with my team to identify our customers' specific needs, and then match up those needs with the right suppliers and parts to optimize their success.
  • My wife Erin and me on Rehoboth Beach a day after I proposed to her. We were married on Halloween during the pandemic and a full blue moon.
    My wife Erin and I love biking along the Greater Allegheny Passage Trail (GAP Trail).
    This is me playing guitar during the 2019 Kalafatapalooza summer party hosted by our alpscontrols Key Account Manager Jim Kalafatis.
    little known fact: I have been playing guitar for 18 years, and have owned over 100 guitars.

    Matt Benson

    - Global Sales and Service
    Our support and sales teams work very closely together to ensure that our customers get the highest quality service possible — and I enjoy partnering with our customers to help them order their parts more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Brandi and I have been together for 16 years. We enjoy outdoor activities and visiting different Caribbean Islands.
    Brandi and I have two kids, James (21) and Maya (25). They got to experience the Dominican Republic with us last year.
    My biggest passion is golf. I am lucky and had two holes in one in a year: September 2019 and August 2020.
    Here are our two biggest babies Brady (left) and Dugan (right). Yes, Brady is named after the all-time greatest QB of all time, Tom Brady.
    little known fact: I coach my children's soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and football teams as well as play on multiple softball teams myself!

    Chris Colacito

    - Key Account Manager
    At I get to use the most up-to-date systems to provide our customers with the industry's most technologically advanced products. I can communicate and build relationships with a variety of people from around the country. has become more than a job to me — the people are like family.
  • Me with my Mom & brothers in January 2004). My Brother Luis died from COVID this year.
    This is me with my little granddaughter Amelia Elizabeth in 2019.
    Me in a magical town called Mazmitla just two hours from my home. I love travel!
    little known fact: I love to travel and my big dream is to travel to Greece, Egypt, and Germany.

    Guadalupe Gramillo Castillo

    - Business Development
    I always want to listen, understand, and know our clients' projects, and for us to be able to fulfill their needs as a team. My greatest satisfaction is this daily learning, which brings us closer and creates a bond of trust with our customers — and to let them know that there is a great team of professionals supporting them, investigating their questions, and working to find the best results for them.
  • My husband Tristan and I have been married for 15 years.
    These are our boys Graydon and Coen and our two dogs Pepper and Hazel.
    My family loves to travel. One of our favorite cities is New Orleans.
    Here's my family on our Spring Break trip to Denver.
    I am a foodie and I love to post pictures of the food I make.
    little known fact: I'm a big Bob Dylan fan — and I know how to juggle!

    Laci Jackson

    - Inside Sales
    Our customers' projects are important, and it's our mission to help them find the very best product solutions for those projects. Each day I get to meet HVAC contractors all over the country, and share with them not only our industry's very best online marketplace — but also the passion that we bring to helping them get their jobs done.
  • Gail and I have been married since 2006. Betty in our accounting department introduced us!
    I have ridden my Harley all through the Colorado Rockies as well as the Smokey Mountains, the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and the Kentucky Bourbon trail.
    For 20 years, I played bass for a rock 'n' roll band called Imposter. We opened for several national acts including Bryan Adams, Edgar Winter, Firehouse, and even Corey Feldman.
    little known fact: I have two sixth-great-grand-uncles who signed The Declaration of Independence: Francis Lightfoot Lee and Richard Henry Lee.

    Jim Kalafatis

    - Key Account Manager
    I'm proud to have been with since 1998, when we had just a handful of employees. It's been exciting to witness and be a part of our growth into the leading online marketplace for HVAC parts anywhere. Over the years, I've been able to meet customers all across the United States as well as in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mexico and mainland China, helping them find ways to get their projects done more efficiently.
  • Johnette and I got married in 1997. Here we are at Pittsburgh's amazing Phipps Conservatory.
    My stunning wife Johnette on our way to the 2019 alpscontrols Christmas party.
    These are my boys Jack, Sam, and Drew.
    First post-2020 quarantine reunion with my mom and dad in Ashtabula, Ohio.
    And here's my dog Derby. He's a very loving, funny rescue dog originally from Kentucky.
    little known fact: I once finished up on a weight machine in a gym and looked up to see that Clint Eastwood was waiting to use it next.

    Alan Lopuszynski

    - Director of Marketing
    I'm able to use product videos, blog posts, news items — and creativity — to create online content that tells the stories of our products and manufacturers, and helps our website's customers find what they need, simply and quickly.
  • little known fact: Live music and the great outdoors are two highly revered passions of mine. I've jumped out of a plane one time in my life and have every intention of doing so again!

    John "J.J." Maloney

    - Inside Sales
    I really believe that building relationships is the foundation of every great business, and my work with our sales and customer service teams creates new and better collaborations, and closely aligns the goals of with those of our customers.
  • My significant other Val and me, with our favorite go-to outfits, turtlenecks.
    On my yearly trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, the place where I found my passion for climbing.
    One of my favorite activies to do in Pittsburgh is to bike around to every possible 'Burgh.
    Here I am with my three best friends in the world; my brother Manuel, dad Raúl and brother Raúl.
    little known fact: I climb mountains for fun! There's no better feeling than reaching the top of the world.

    Gabriel Porro

    - Inside Sales
    I'm always looking for new opportunities to help figure out a problem and then fix it! At, I'm able to both strengthen and create new relationships with our customers throughout the United States, Latin America, and South America. My goal is to provide support that is informed, responsible, and respectful.
  • Celebrating my birthday with my four gorgeous girls!
    Getting ready to dissect a cow's heart with my homeschool co op's 7th graders. I had to be brave for them!
    Doing demolition in our new house. It is a labor of love and we are enjoying it!
    little known fact: Friends is still my favorite TV show, and I would be very competitive at Friends trivia.

    BreAnn Prude

    - Database Analyst
    Accurate data is everything to us at alpscontrols, ensuring that we're efficiently connecting our customers with the parts they need — so I work hard to supply our sales team with detailed and reliable information about customers, products, and pricing.
  • little known fact: I spent several years as a teen doing competitive waterskiing.

    Christian Rohaus

    - Inside Sales
    It's all about listening and finding solutions — because the more information I discover, the more it benefits our customers. I'll do everything I can to serve their projects, help them get the best price, and connect them to the parts they need.
  • little known fact: I've run 1½ - 2 miles, five days a week without fail — for the past 25 years!

    Wendy Siefert

    - Key Account Manager, Honeywell
    I enjoy working at because every day is different! I love meeting and talking with new people and keeping long-term relationships as well. Having also worked for a control contractor, I have a strong understanding of our industry, and a sense of urgency and empathy for my customers. I enjoy being able to offer a high degree of confidence — and a willing pair of helping hands — to help make our customers' lives easier.
  • Here I am relaxing at home in Tucson, AZ.
    Sharing a Zoom meeting with my family in Mexico during COVID times.
    My son and I go enduro biking most weekends in the Catalina mountains northeast of Tucson, where the terrain is rocky and sandy.
    Here's a great local eatery in Tucson, AZ for breakfast burritos and horchata lattes!
    Rillito farmer's market on Sundays in Tucson is a good place to get a bite to eat, buy fresh veggies, and yes, hot chili decorations!
    little known fact: I was a stay-at-home dad for three years, and liked it!

    Gerardo Vergara-Monroy

    - Regional Sales Manager
    (Latin America & the Caribbean)
    Having lived, worked and studied in the USA, Mexico and Spain, these experiences have defined who I am. I enjoy my role as an independent sales representative where I can serve as a link to facilitate understanding and trade across countries and cultures — and that means sharing the value of purchasing HVAC parts on with building automation professionals throughout Mexico, Latin America and beyond.
  • This is me with my dog Lexi, who is 3 years old.
    little known fact: When I was a baby, I used to be in pageants — and I won quite a few!

    Tyra Wray

    - Sales and Market Research Analyst
    What's important to me is finding the customers who might not have heard of us at alpcontrols yet — and matching them up with the parts and solutions that they need. Working closely every day with my team, I set out every day to deliver efficient service with a positive attitude.

Online Catalog Product & Data Information

  • I was in downtown Pittsburgh to see Disney's Aladdin in 2018
    I visited Graceland in 2019
    At a 2019 Violent Femmes concert with my Spanish brother Daniel
    little known fact: I owned a mid-sized Internet provider for 10 years.

    Brian Burdick

    - eCatalog Data Manager
    My main responsibility is to ensure accurate pricing for our customers. Additionally, I make our products easier to find by arranging them into product categories and product types as well as creating searchable attributes for each product so that our customers can easily find what they're looking for.
  • little known fact: When I lived in Washington State, I had the opportunity to camp in one of only 5 natural rainforests in the U.S. It was called HoH Rainforest and it was beautiful!

    Susannah Rees

    - eCatalog Administrator
    Data and details come easily to me, so I enjoy making sure that all of the product and pricing information that we've got in our online marketplace is always current and accurate — that way, our customers and suppliers can get the most out of