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get the v&a advantage at alpscontrols.comYou probably spend a large percentage of your controls budget on Valves & Actuators — so when was the last time you checked your pricing to see if you have a competitive edge?

We hear from you all the time that you buy the same valves & actuators, over and over, from a single manufacturer. You can't afford to spend your time finding alternatives and tracking down better pricing.

So we did the work for you. To give you the advantage when you bid the job.

Take a look at our advantage partners: the selection you want, for every project you have.

Use our game-changing, one-of-a-kind Comparator Tool.

COMPARE YOUR VALVES. WIN MORE PROJECTS. With just a few clicks, compare valves and actuators to dozens of others with the same features — and you might save a lot of money.

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Free ground shipping!
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✓  You know all your costs up-front
Contiguous U.S. deliveries only.

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We've set new, aggressively competitive prices on your valves & actuators — with no contracts, no obligations, no strings attached.

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Meet your V&A advantage support team:

josh felperin
Josh Felperin
Global Sales Director
p: +1 727.798.0355
e: jfelperin@alpscontrols.com
matt benson
Matt Benson
Global Sales and Service
p: +1 412.464.1730 x132
e: mbenson@alpscontrols.com
matt hummel
Matt Hummel
Technical Support Specialist
p: +1 412.464.1730 x137
e: mhummel@alpscontrols.com
addison meyers
Addison Meyers
Product Manager
p: +1 412.464.1730 x149
e: ameyers@alpscontrols.com
returns at alpscontrols.com are always hassle-free
And returns?
We make them hassle-free.
  • We're friendly, fast, and easy to reach
  • We've got experience and we know our stuff
  • We can help with product selection
  • From start to finish, we can see you through projects great and small
  • We'll help you size your parts and compare products
  • We can show you how to upload entire material lists in minutes
  • We'll even help with your retrofit projects

And now, something iconic:

our iconic v&a advantage programWhen you see this icon in our online marketplace, it means that the product is from one of our V&A advantage partners — so you can be sure you're going to get the best price, free ground shipping, as well as the full and awesome might of our customer support team.

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